Judges and Stewards

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Other Volunteer Info


The following discounts will be applied as refunds for single discounts. Refunds will be issued after the competition based on entries that were judged. All entrants must submit a minimum of one paid entry in addition to any discounts received.



We are offering the following discounts for experienced judges to encourage a large pool of qualified judges and to acknowledge the effort and support  they give to our competition.

  • Judges who are returning for a 3rd consecutive year to the competition will receive their 1st entry at no cost.
  • Judges whose home address distance from the judging venue as calculated with Google maps will receive one free entry for each one way 50 mile distance they will be travelling with a maxium of two free entries.
  • As always, BJCP judges may bring their entries with them the day of the event for savings of shipping cost. We ask that you notify in advance if you choose to to this so that we can have stickers ready for them on competition day.


  • Stewards are encouraged to learn about their role in our upcoming club meetings (see lmhba.com for meeting dates. Non-member steward volunteers are not required to join our club to attend these meetings.
  • New members who joined less than 12 months ago and have paid dues by March 20 will be refunded one entry fee when entering 2+ beers.
  • First time stewards may enter one beer at no cost. You must attend at least one club meeting prior to competition to receive this discount.
  • Every effort will be made to assign stewards to flights with preferred styles.